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Creating a common technological platform promoting parent-child interaction
Category: Technology
By: Kathleen Jagarnath
From Durban, Other

Children who enjoy quality interactions with their parents and caregivers grow up to become confident and successful individuals. In an age where virtual reality has become the reality and where technology dominates almost every facet of how we live the risk of social isolation is greater than ever. Is technology which is meant to make life easier and exciting, actually impaling our future generations by diminishing quality bonding relationships between parents and their children? ... Read More

Seven Rules for Effective Networking
Category: Other
By: Praveeni Perera
From Ottawa, Ontario

Networking is not just about working the room and exchanging niceties. Get the tips you need to network more effectively.... Read More

Not All That Can Be Counted Counts
Category: Management
By: Dinesh Chaudhari
From Rockwood, Ontario

Measuring performance is very important but it has to be thought through carefully if we are to avoid harmful conclusions and sending the wrong message to employees. Too many companies are spending tons of money and time focusing on things that do not really matter. It helps them feel they are in control but the truth is something else. ... Read More

Key for a prosperous economy
Category: Economics
By: Edgard Rodríguez
From Pointe Claire, Quebec

Economic downturns and crisis are mainly a result of a lack of long-term strategies, and mismanagement of the countries’ economies in Latin America and Asia. It is not the government tendency – left, center or right – but the mismanagement of the economic variables that lead to economic disasters. Examples of economies in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and the two biggest economies (USA and China) are given in the article.... Read More

Category: Business Strategy
By: Pedro Vaccara
From Montreal, Quebec

In 2008, General Motors lost the distinction as the world’s largest car manufacturer surpassed by Toyota. By the fall of 2008, despite two years of cutbacks, the company found itself on the edge of bankruptcy, with a market share of its most important market, the United States, reduced to around 20%. The article recommends strategies and an implementation plan to revitalize G.M and once again, position the company as one of the leaders in the automotive industry. ... Read More

Guidelines for Managing Customer Negotiations
Category: Finance
By: Zoran Miljkovic
From Scarborough, Ontario

The purpose of this article is to help lenders standardize and memorialize certain best practices when dealing with clients and to establish a framework for productive and proactive negotiations when fielding customer requests for increased credit and/or acquisition financing.... Read More

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