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"Many companies are ratcheting back salaries for new hires, particularly among senior and executive jobs, compensation experts and recruiting firms say. After years of always expecting more, employees are being forced to radically readjust salary expectations. And it's showing up in the stats - wage increases have sunk to a two-year low, Statistics Canada said. A snapshot of the new normal."

Salary expected by almost half of Canadian MBA job seekers online.
(Source: June 2009 data)"

~ Globe and Mail, Report on Business - June 13th 2009 ... Read More

BNN Logo was featured on BNN's prime-time show, The Business News.

A Win-Win to hire MBAs during the recession!
Due to the recession, salary expectations of MBAs' have decreased. This is the perfect time for employers to hire MBAs - Not only could employers hire skilled MBAs for less to overcome the tough economy, once the economy recovers, they will gain a significant advantage in having a very capable workforce when labor shortage strikes again.

~ Business News Network (BNN) - April 9th 2009 ... Listen to the news


"The downturn in the economy has tempered the salary expectations of MBA holders who are seeking jobs. According to Maggie Austring, the president of, salary expectations have gone down by an average of $10,000-$20,000, with many asking for $30,000 less than what they envisioned ...... While most MBAs will be asking for lower salaries throughout this economic downturn, those who are in the right province, in the right industry or have found themselves to be the person for the job can still find themselves with the salary that those who invested in an MBA had always expected from the outset."

~ Globe and Mail - March 19th 2009 ... Read More

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    "Canada's only job site is helping employers find highly skilled MBAs...According to, 40 per cent of MBA-required jobs across Canada are finance-related, and the most MBA-required jobs are in Ontario (46 per cent)..." Read More

    ~ Taghreed Saadeh, MetroNews

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    " caters to experienced MBAs with considerable work experience, offers various opportunities to help job-seekers make their resumés stand out. They can, for instance, choose to submit articles they have written to showcase to prospective employers their expertise...Tricia McKinnon, a recent graduate of the Rotman School of Management, thinks the site will be a practical tool for job seekers. "If it's a lot more targeted [to MBAs], I think that makes sense."

    ~ Greg Enright, Canadian Business

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    "Many of the jobs that require an MBA degree are specialized and only MBA graduates would be eligible for those positions. For example, if it's a senior vice-president, they'll probably want someone who specifically has an MBA so is the right place to advertise that..."

    ~ Anne Lavack, Dean of the Paul J. Hill School of Business , LeaderPost

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    CANADA: Pay expectations of MBA graduates plunge

    "According to Austring, President of, MBA salary expectations have gone down ... according to Kirk Hill, who runs a career centre at Simon Fraser University, "The MBA is not a guarantee to a high salary. But it helps open doors ... in this changing environment, many MBA holders may need to look at their degrees not as a ticket to a great starting salary, but as a way to provide a company with some needed skills they would welcome in a difficult economy" he explained..." Read More

    ~ Philip Fine, University World News

  • It is was gratifying to see that creation of a job site that is providing focus for the skills and attributes of graduate M.B.A.s in Canada. The forum for the submissions of articles is an exciting concept and one that is thought provoking both composer and reader. For myself it is gratifying to have my submission accepted by and I look forward to a strong working relationship with this dynamic organization.

    ~ Randall W. Edge (MBA), Regina

  • Thank you to Maggie and all the team at for the hard work you put into making connections between MBA job seekers and the wider market! Your good work led to a national article that featured me and You make my job search on very encouraging!

    ~ Mark Gibson (MBA), Montreal

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