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Need strategic and smart employees to accelerate your company during the global economic slowdown? But cost reduction in your company is a top priority?

As Canada's only MBA job site, we are seeing exceptionally low salary expectations from our MBA professionals during recession, as low as $30 - $40k! And, many of them are willing to relocate within Canada or outside of Canada.

Our MBAs who have low to mid range salary expectations are comprised of newer grads to experienced and middle level management MBAs with diverse skill sets and expertise in jobs that you may post frequently such as "financial analyst", "business analyst", "controller", "operations manager", "marketing manager" ...etc.

Many of our MBAs are from Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and BC respectively; have experience in start-up, merger & acquisition, IPO, large project management; speak multiple languages such as French, Chinese, Spanish; have worked in multiple industries; had their own businesses. They have significant transferable skills.

Many employers and recruiters have consistent experience in seeing the exceptional performance of how our MBAs have impacted their company's performance and potentials. Not only would your organization gain unbeatable competitive advantages by hiring MBAs across departments during the recession, once the economy has recovered they will have a more skilled work force that is capable and ready to move up to a higher level and help the company to expand its horizons.

Yes, you are hearing it right. This is good news to employers. During this recessionary time, you can hire highly skilled MBAs for less, from financial analyst to CEO positions, exclusive at We have thousands of MBA job seekers and our employers are amazed with the large number of high quality applicants!

What the Press is saying about, recently?

  1. Globe and Mail
    It featured an article on our MBAs and their salary expectations ... Read more.

  2. BNN
    This is the perfect time for employers to hire MBAs - Not only could employers hire skilled MBAs for less to overcome the tough economy, once the economy recovers, they will gain a significant advantage in having a very capable workforce when labor shortage strikes again. Listen to the news.

For read more press releases, please visit the testimonial page.

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. is the only MBA job board in Canada that specifically caters to employers who are looking for highly skilled MBAs with diverse backgrounds such as in finance, accounting, operations, project mgt, business development, HR, policy mgt, marketing...etc. You will get high quality applicants every time you post a job with, whether it is a typical professional position, middle management position or a higher-end executive level position! Diverse. Highly skilled. Educated. We have them all! Only at

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No need to buy resume database. With the purchase of a job posting or banner advertisement, you can view and save any professional resumes under the "Featured Job Seekers" section and "Article" page. See our Job Seekers' talent and business-savvy firsthand.

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Great prices with total freedom. With, you get excellent discounts without having to buy packages in advance or be restricted by expiry dates. Accumulate 5 job postings at any time and get the 6th job posting FREE.

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We are a results-driven, customer-focused company. We ensure that your job postings see results by paying close attention to the volume of applicants. You will experience the difference when you try - Your results are our success.

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