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The MBA professionals who register with are diverse and suitable for most levels of positions. Many jobs that are posted and are very successful on are typical professional jobs. To name a few job titles: "financial analyst", "operations manager", "directors", "VP", "CEO"...etc.




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Reward Program

We believe in giving our customers excellent pricing without selling restrictive packages with expiry dates. Whenever you accumulated 5 job postings any time, you will automatically receive the 6th one FREE!

1st job posting - $99
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Featured Job Posting                    

Make your job posting Featured! It specifically advertises your job postings right in front of our highly skilled and educated professionals - they will see your job postings before even searching for jobs! Highly effective and recommended. You can buy this feature anytime during the 30 day job posting period for 1 affordable price! See a Sample

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How to order:
1. When you order your job posting online, you can simply add "Featured Job Posting" in the purchase form.
2. If you have already purchased your job posting(s) which is still within its 30 days posting period and wish to enhance your results, you can add "Featured Job Posting" anytime for that job under "Current Job" in your Account Manager.

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